Getting the Music to Play

Thanks for trying Brain Shift Radio.

The main BSR player requires the flash plugin to play. If you are on a computer, please check that you have the most recent version of flash and that it is enabled in your browser. If you don't know how to do this please let me know what browser you are using. Please keep in mind that we do not support Internet Explorer. If you are using that, we recommend switching to Firefox or Chrome (see the image below for how to turn on Flash in Chrome).


Recently, we heard of some instances when Chrome block Flash even though it is enabled in the preferences. The second image below shows where you can see if this is the issue and how to allow it to run anyway.


For Safari:

For Flash using Safari, go to brain shift radio and log in. Then choose the following from the main menu bar at the top of the browser window: Safari > Preferences > Security. Check the box to allow internet plug-in and then click the Plug-in Settings button to open the window.  Check the box for Adobe Flash Player to turn it on. When the listing showing currently open sites appears to the right, choose "On" from the pop-up menu for Brain Shift Radio. Go to the Bran Shift Radio window, refresh the page, and select your category and goal. Three sets of tracks will load and the music will begin playing.

If you are using a phone or tablet you will need to use our mobile player. You can find it here:

You can also use the mobile player on your computer if you can't or don't want to turn on Flash.


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